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^ Such as? URLs? Couldnt resist buying a pair of the white vintage highs from fw13...
Caved and bought the white CP achilles highs (my 6th pair of CP's, which is just.... dumb). Please don't post any other cool white high tops that I should have bought instead.
Info for anyone who cares; shipping confirmation received for a wool ma-1 ordered 1. May.
I'm May 1 for Charcoal MA-1, hopefully this means there will be some September wear.
^^ seconded. Cotton is obviously cheaper, less durable and smells/gets dirty much easier. The MMM's are comfy though, and laceless slip-on is nice. MMM highs are fully leather lined right?
He could have the apc over the weekend (if in stock). The TOJ would arrive over christmas.
How do people feel about the black ones?
Great service, everything you could want in a proxy.
Yes, I want #2.
People with suiting ma-1 48's that found them tight; what is your chest "? And how tight? Bearable with a ocbd? I have a 41" chest and ordering a 23.5" p2p jacket seems big to me.
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