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The mimic octopus is a fascinating creautre.
That engenders the racism but not the hate. I do know that many Chinese claim cultural superiority over the Koreans and Japanese (and Vietnam). The resentment comes from them having lost the peninsula, culturally and militarily amd the Koreans hardening their insular, nationalist, and perhaps xenophobic impulses.
Well the food - kimchi - has something to do with it, but I submit it's more to do with their insularity and nationalist fervour. Which rears its ugly face in times like the 2002 cup, for example.
Koreans seem to be pretty widely reviled.
Hold it, sell it, or make a DB.
Trad tends narrower than that, I think 3.25" or less would be more like it.
Of course opium is hardly chinese.
I'm not convinced the HK Berluti staff can do a good custom patina. I'd love to be proved wrong on someone else's dime.
Quote: Originally Posted by BlvdDandy One other factor to consider: I was recently notified of unauthorized charges on the card I use for making Jantzen orders. Ricky's site is not secure and I have no way of ever knowing what really happen, but it's the only place online where I give my credit card number unsecured, and until someone convinces me that it's impossible for one reason or another, I'm hesitant to order any more. All of this despite the fact...
I think the same size will be fine, unless you have no room to give in the 7000, which is a bit larger.
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