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CEGO, hands down.
If the wine is corked, it will show it. That is what the pour is for. Smelling the cork adds no value, especially since the nose quickly acclimates to TCA so one can't go around sniffing everything. And an off wine is easier to detect.
Where's jacket? I think shoes, trousers, and jackets are at the same level of importance, as they cannot be covered up in most weather.
I agree. Build your own local library.
Burgundy socks (like those in the illustration) will be easier to do than scarlet. Bottle green or purple, too. But while black is the safe choice, it is still a great one. The sheen of silk hose projects itself with quiet elegance. I wear calf pumps. A plain-toe oxford (but not a wholecut) with a thin sole and thick silk laces would be lovely, too. Patent works better for these than pumps, in my opinion. You can also try velvet (or suede) slippers, though they are...
The pocket square goes with the outfit quite well. The summer preppy (or is it trad? I'm hardly an expert) tie seems a bit weird to me in the context of that outfit but age always helps with eccentricity. Makes me sorry that the suit doesn't cut it, pun intended.
Quality of calories is just as important as quantity.
I have a semi-sheer, self-fabric-striped, cocktail cuff, high collar, smoked MOP, slim Jil Sander black shirt. It has been my go-to clubbing shirt for a while. Useless in any other situation.
Ahh, those really are excellent boots. Would they fit me, Janne?
I think the colours are okay but those boots ought to binned.
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