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I might be interested in the tan suede. It'd be great if you could get pics.
Stonyfield Blueberry Soy Yogurt is like liquid candy to me. When I eat real yogurt, I prefer Greek.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel the fur coat and hat are too much for me but underneath the coat he is stylin! His jacket is awesome. At a boxing match today people look like they stopped off at A&F before the fight. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Of the ones that are easily found at neighborhood liquor stores, my favorite is Pol Roger Oh yeah, how could I forget. The best value, widely available Champagne. Maybe a touch sweet, but generally well balanced. I like it from PJ Wine, something like $27/bottle.
One of the few bigger labels I like is Billecart Salmon NV. Pierre Peters and Larmandier-Bernier make nice blanc des blancs, and Vilmart and Egly Ouriet tasty big champagnes. Usually I will tend towards the former.
It is said that great Burgundies reach transcendant heights that Bordeaux cannot. All I know is that I like Burgundy more than Bordeaux at most levels. But I would not pay the current prices of DRC wines. The lesser DRC wines, namely Echezeaux and the Premier Cru, are particularly bad value. There is nothing special about them, yet they command a premium to other Burgundies.
Crystal decanters (and glasses) are fine for wine, but use glass for liquors that will sit inside for a long time.
Wonderful Wonderful Times - Elfriede Jelinek. Rather weak for a Nobel laureate. Forty Stories - Donald Barthelme. A great antidote to depressing books, in small slices.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Perhaps some place where one could really fudge it with good sales talk like Shanghai? Actually, that's exactly what we have in mind, and I have little doubt he'd do well at it. The question is how would he get the job in the first place?
A close childhood friend of mine has just graduated from college (a good UC) with a history degree and now is looking for a job. He holds a foreign passport and his student visa will expire in a few months. He can't go back to his country of citizenship (Taiwan) without serving in the army, and he's having a tough time finding something in Italy, where he grew up, since the economy sucks there. He's asked me if I can help him, but outside of on-campus recruiting and...
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