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That first picture is several years old.
I meant they should excuse themselves from some of our costlier activities, not disappear for a while.
No. If the cost of the pattern were included, the prices would be higher for something most people will never want.
I just found out that a couple friends of mine have 15-20K in credit card debt. They won't fall out with my friends, but given that they shouldn't continue to spend like they used to with us, I think they might want to excuse themselves for a while. Sadly, being practical with money isn't what got them to this stage in the first place. I cannot imagine cutting a friend out of my life just because they're having trouble. Friends should be there to help with advice and...
A related situation is the showing of wedding photos and videos. I'm happy they're happy, but the only thoughts in my mind is regret for not being there to nail a hot bridesmaid.
I despise going to clubs in the US but sometimes find myself there due to friends. Clubbing in Asia I find more appealing, yet I would never choose to go if my friends weren't there. I do remember enjoying clubbing when I was 14 and 15 years old.
London Lounge limited edition brown glen plaid with crimson overcheck tweed, 13 oz. SOLD Here are links to photos of completed clothes in this cloth. Fox Flannel black/white houndstooth woollen flannel, ~12 oz. SOLD Charles Clayton navy fine herringbone super 120s with cashmere, ~9/10 oz. $320 shipped for 5.25 yards/4.8 m. Medium navy mottled twill...
Ralph Lauren Purple Label Mackay (like Edward Green Asquith) shoes, dark oak, 888 last, 8/8.5D UK/US. Worn 10-15 times. SOLD. Sutor Mantellassi tassel loafers, mink suede, size 9 US. Worn once. $200 shipped CONUS with SM trees. PM me. Thanks.
Sorry double post.
Wash it a couple times before you make a judgment. Cloth can shrink and alter the look considerably.
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