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Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Perhaps you should switch to nasal snuff. Or use a filtered holder with some premium light cigarettes like Nat Sherman. A rich Turkish tobacco mixed with a bit of perique finds its proper place with a cigarette holder.
Hmm I'm not familiar with the G&G Sinatra. Mine are just oxfords without a toecap, MTO. Here are some more pics of the Scaforas. Paolo really did a great job with these. Try as I might, the exact colour is proving elusive to capture.
Very nice collection Grimslade. The Beaulieu is a terrific shoe. Here are some fairly recent pickups:
Quote: Originally Posted by eidolon +1 There are very few career services departments that are "machines" (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, a couple more academically rigorous state universities are good, MIT, CMU, some elite LACs, etc) -- and even the ones that are excel in getting you ridiculous internships, which are what turn into jobs out of school. The best resource a not-so-great career services department provides is a list of alumni contact...
Buy shoes. Hard to find good ones at the prices your A-Es are going for.
I've seen Joe Tailor's work, and it's fine for the price (less than Chan et al). They are honest, too However, I think it's work paying a bit extra and going to HK, where the fabrics, cuts, and tailoring are undoubtedly better. Also, tailors in Singapore might give more resistance on building truly light suits, like the unlined, unpadded, lightly canvassed jobs Chan will do readily.
Price drops.
Price drop on Sutors.
Have you even flipped through some Vault guides?
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 What about this one: Quote: Augusto XXX XXX XXX XXX Mr. ***, I am writing in response to your job posting for a Publications Assistant. I have several years of experience with writing and a degree in English from Brandeis University. Over the past four years I have written scores of news features, worked as an editor in publishing and education, and documented a semester in Cairo through a series of...
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