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Canary yellow Burberry cashmere sweater, S. Small snag in back as shown in second pic. $65 shipped CONUS Length in back: 25.5" Chest: 19.75" Sleeve (armpit to end): 20.75" Pringle navy merino wool cardigan, S. SOLD Length in back: 27" Chest: 19" Sleeve (armpit to end): 19.5" Prada Sport cream wool turtleneck (sides of body in nylon), 48 (~M). $50 shipped CONUS Length in back: 26.5" (not including neck) Chest: 18.75" Sleeve (armpit to end): 19.75" Sky blue...
I'm coming around to mid because my calves jut outwards a bit and OTCs sometimes catch my pants legs. Also cooler in the summer.
^ +1
Fuji Xerox Towers
No, the place is called Joe Tailor.
I wear my Jil Sander cashmere pants on the plane. At home, my legs go bare. Which is more comfortable is debateable.
A couple of years ago a bespoke shoemaker and I talked about the possibility of him visiting Singapore. I thought it wouldn't be hard to drum up the necessary business; that was before I spent much time on the island. Yet I'm still not really sure why the demand for decent shoes is so low. A couple Singaporean guys I know (not related to any forums) really like shoes and have some money to spend.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Some of the best looking Scaforas I've seen. Did you give any particular instructions? The toe shape seems less severe and the finishing more subtle. I may have once mentioned that I wanted a more conservative shoe. Other than that I simply said I like his chisel toe and pointed at a shade in his sample collection. Regarding the antiquing, photos with flash can exaggerate the effect. In reality, many...
Pierre et Jean and Red-Color News Soldier
Not an aficionado of any sort but I did recently enjoy A State of Mind.
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