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Fudge Hair Shaper and Matte Hed works well for me.
I stayed with a friend who lives in a converted loft building. The area is still pretty shady, and we did not feel comfortable walking outside at night, not that there was anything to go without a car. Most of the people living there were in their 20's.
^ Good call, I like that place, too. Honeymoon Dessert, on the 3rd floor.
If you choose Yung Kee, try asking your hotel concierge if he can get you into Yung's Club.
The most innocuous options are in hotels. On the HK side, Lung King Heen in the Four Seasons and One Harbor Road in the Grand Hyatt are good. Other options are Lei Garden (the IFC one is probably the nicest) or Fu Sing in Wanchai (quite traditional - do try their special steamed crab in rice wine). The latter is a favourite of mine as great value. Also, Fook Lam Moon is famous for its wildly expensive shark's fin and abalone, but normal dishes are not egregiously...
Very nice work. I really like the tie in the middle pic of the second post. I've been trying to find something like it for months and have had little luck.
Price drops.
Price drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon I vote: 1. NY 2. Chicago 3. San Francisco Many of the rest are nice to visit, but don't have a fraction of what those cities offer -- I couldn't see myself living in them for years and years without getting bored. I've already been in Philly for 2 years and feel like I know everywhere there is to go in the city. First, I agree that NYC and SF are a cut above (not sure about Chicago). As for...
Nom de Guerre classic fit light grey jeans, 30. Cold soaked once, and didn't fit me well. Non-selvedge, nice soft feel. SOLD. Waist: 15 3/8" (see second photo for how I measure this) Front rise: 10 1/4" Back rise: 14 1/4" Inseam: 33" Leg opening: 7 1/2" Rag & Bone RB8 limited edition selvedge jeans, 30x30. New with tag. Colour closest to the last two pics. Note inseam is a bit shorter due to dropped crotch style. $95 shipped CONUS Waist: 15 3/4" Front rise:...
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