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Wow - my first real visit to SF in a couple years and this is the thread/post I see first. Thierry Mortet Chambolle Beaux Bruns (99 I think) in London nearly a decade ago was the wine that sparked my passion. Beautifully fragrant. Haven't had one since. Hardly ever see/hear of them. Had some nice wines at dinner last night. 2000 Hubert Lignier Clos de la Roche was the star - really expressive at this stage with an explosive nose of primary fruits and some secondary...
A nicely defined, shaped last (not necessarily chiselled or pointy), good leather, lack of metal, probably not black. Suede makes a ton of sense for loafers. I'm a big fan of those Anthony Cleverley tassels.
Quote: Originally Posted by joelmthw recruiting season is upon us at school and im trying to aim for summer 2011 internships in management consulting (mbb, deloitte) and investment banking. i know my chances are pretty slim to none at mbb, but ill take my chances. since there are a ton of professionals on sf, i wanted to reach out to you guys for some feedback on my resume. all criticism is welcome. also note: i have an engineering background so i tried...
Apologies if this is the wrong place to post or it's been addressed before in one of these threads: is there a way to download and save PMs?
I've gotten a few pairs from them over the years. They do a solid job making slightly rustic, well-fitting gloves. I would err on the tighter size of self-measurements as they will stretch a bit. Also, pay the nominal extra for the hand-stitching.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf **Major update: SOLD! 12.5 Buckingham SOLD! Material No. 17665 Qty: 3.1m Price : HK$810 whole piece Grey base, blue overcheck wool notes: This is one of my favourite checks. It has large patterns but with a consistent blue/blue grey palette across the entire cloth. Here's this cloth made up. Cheers to yfyf for leading me to it! It's a great cloth, and very very well-done by Chan, though that...
Used to do this a lot in NE USA. Best was a 16 oz flannel three piece with gloves and a big, thick scarf. Worked to about 0 degrees Celsius, sometimes lower.
A friend who's designing now went the Brown-RISD route. Seems to me to be the best way to go in terms of formal schooling, though there is much to be said for being in NYC/Columbia.
Quote: Originally Posted by July Never been. I might line it up on the docket for my HK trip in February. If not 3-star worthy, is it still worth going (sans expense account)? It's worth going to and not very expensive, but don't expect to be blown away as you would expect at a 3 star restaurant. The dim sum and food in general is very well-done, as they are at most of HK's 5 star hotels' restaurants. This one gets more creative than the...
Never in the many times I've been there have I thought it to be a three star restaurant.
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