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Nice, how'd it look? What would be a comparable suit?
Croatia Love the matching handkerchief and suitcases Argentina Not sure if going to the World Cup or a funeral Uruguay Part of the Regis Philbin collection Algeria Also part of the Regis Philbin collection Japan (Dunhill) Quite clearly the cream of the crop in WC suiting. Dat windowpane!
USA (Nike) USA arrives in São Paulo with the sartorial splendor only Americans can pull off.
Germany ever the efficient country realized how hot it will be in Brazil and opted for the Black dress shirt/Grey cardigan combo
I remember having a thread on the suiting for the national teams in 2010. I decided to revisit this in 2014. Overall, pretty similar to 2010 I think, but some nice pieces out there. England (Marks and Spencer) Pretty much the same as 2010 Italy (D&G) Odd looking ties Australia (MJ Bale) Nothing says Aussie like navy and navy South Korea (Galaxy) Believe it or not, it is the same "Galaxy" as the Samsung Galaxy S5, suits were designed by Samsung Village. ...
http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bal-saturday-night-lives-jos-a-bank-commercial-spoof-video-20140330,0,2616470.htmlstory Men's Warehouse better do away with those stupid promotions
Hits close to the heart
Um...your avatar is a bit outdated...
JT wears a pretty sick coat in his new MV Mirrors. Anyone know what it is? Sorry, I can only get gifs instead of still...
2254 is the older model with an older movement, the new one is 2220. There are slight aesthetic differences, but for the most part are basically the same. It's a good watch, probably the most famous Omega watch due to its Bond relation. If you are looking for a smaller Seamaster, check out the Aqua Terras. A bit more understated, but still solid.
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