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I thought they fit snugger as well, but I heard from Bootsonline and they said the Comfort Craftsman is "very roomy" inside and that I might be better off with the regular Craftsman. I need them for snow/ice conditions, though, so that's not an option.Sooo I might size down to 8G, but I read earlier in the thread that half sizes don't change in length--is that true? Otherwise maybe a 8.5G in Turnout would have less room in the toe?
Hey folks, Just put a pair of 8.5G Chestnut Comfort Craftsman boots in the Marketplace; got them today but sadly there's about 1/2 to 1 inch of room in the toe box, which is odd b/c I am generally a size 9.5 US, and I gathered on this thread that sizing down 1 was the move. Perhaps its the chiseled toe? Does anyone know if there's a significance sizing difference between the chiseled and rounded toe lasts? My heel was sliding significantly when I first put them on, but...
Up for sale is a beautiful pair of chestnut RM Williams Yearling Comfort Craftsman boots - as classic as they get. Worn once to try on and decided they were a tad too big for me; looking to avoid the hassle of shipping all the way back to Oz. $275 shipped CONUS; retail in the states is around $500 and from Australia they'll set you back about $340. Labeled 8.5 G, which is Australian for 9.5 medium width. Most people find that they are TTS. EDIT: Check out Sator's fabled...
Liddesdale: Back - 32 in. from bottom of collar Sleeve - 24 in. Chest - 18 in. flat, 43 around. Golden Bear: Back - 26.5 in. from top of collar Sleeve - 25 in. Chest - 16.5 in. flat, 38 around.
Hey y'all, Two great fall jackets here. SOLD. First is a classic Barbour Liddesdale I picked up from End. last year and only got around to wearing a handful of times. A few thread snags around the quilting, but nothing readily noticeable. Size small, classic green color. This Golden Bear varsity was a collab with Vancouver's Neighbour shop, and they all sold out pretty soon after being released around the last holiday season. Really supple leather detailing and a...
PM sent
Has anyone noticed that a ton of stuff disappeared from their online website? Most of their new shoe arrivals (Nylites, Alden bucks) are gone, as are a bunch of new shirts and older classics, like the St. James Meridien II tee. Some of this stuff went up like last week, and I didn't see much in the sale section. Is this some sort of funky glitch? Or simply something that I've never realized they've done before... Annoying that I put off some of my purchases by a day.
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