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Hi, Can I ask about the cordovan? There are a lot of cracks on this pair. I know these parts had some stress. But I want to wear my shoes a long time. and I also know i do not have to wear cordovan in the rain. Do not you have any suggestion about your cordovan with the cracking?
Is this the same pair? beautiful..
Thanks again, it takes for a while to the condition If I buy the new ones in cigar. But I now think It may be better on cordovan without any wax or something but just brushing. I am going to do that on my next pair from ALDEN. Thanks
Wow.. this is just perfect for me on Cigar. Is it just with brushing?
I am going to try. Thanks a lot!
Hi, This pair is so beautiful. I have some pairs of whiskey cordovan. but My pair is stained not like your pair.Is this pair the whiskey cordovan? and How did you treat the pair from the new ones? just wax?
Can not see any pictures with yellow flog frozen. Is there the style number on the shoes?
^Thanks a lot. I am going to try.
1, undermycar 2, levis 505
I think it is not bad with slim denim.
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