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This doesnt look too bad! Authentic Bayswater peacoat
Damn, i want in on this than! :P
Hows the fit for these on these? I'm generally a Medium on all my stuff (GAP/BR/Jcrew) but slim fit stuff i am a large (Abercrombie) as i'm fairly broad on the shoulders since i work out.
You got to pop that collar so people know you mean business with your clothes....
I actually like these eyeglasses, they dont look too bad! http://silverliningopticians.com/201...talk-playoffs/
I just love the look and colour of this one from our fellow members! Its a APC several seasons back he mentioned but its long gone now so anywhere I can find same or similar medium?
Nice! I wouldve taken it if it was medium!
PS Sold to me
Oooh i'm liking those polos!
Am I the only one that saw the price of $ 150.00 for sweat pants ?
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