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Take some pics , i want to see it in the flesh!
Will they be emailed to us via link or will it be on website first?
I really like the look of this
When's it come out? I'd love ot get my hands on these bad boys!
I wanted to renew my closet of work clothes, wanted to grab bunch of shirts for work. Oh well i guess I will wait when they restock! I see 1 i like but i wanted to grab few at a time lol!
You need to restock your sizes on the website theres like nothing left!
Can someone please explain the difference of AD and BD?
Sweet i'm in Toronto! Lost and Found it is I may shop online, i need to grab me a few of these shirts for work!
Yea I'm at a 16 neck , 40 chest and waist 32. I guess i am a medium from what you describe! Where can i buy online
lol that is hilarious!
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