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That looks pretty sharp! Very nice that you dont have to alter it too which is good!
e46 UNITE!!!! hahha
+1 Any pics?
Man all this good shiet coming out and i am awaiting my first two shirts in the mail to try out the sizings first before i jump on board for more sh!t!
Hey take some pics of it without the model pose like the picture! I want to see how it falls or how long it falls! I'm not a tall guy but i am a fairly broad muscular guy 5'75 175lb so dont want it too long on me.
For some reason this reminds me of this,
+1 How are you washing it that it will cause so much shrinkage?
Can't wait for my orders to come in
Got the Brushed Cotton shirt Looks too good to pass! Thanks alot guys keep up the good work!
Take some pics , i want to see it in the flesh!
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