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That is sick! post up some pics man! I love the colour of Space grey personally it's not as dark as Sparkling graphite and i would have opted for that if it was available back than.
Sick man, i want to see some pics of this when it comes!
Hey man Its a OEM M3 Front with just a Vorsteiner Front lip colour is Sparkling Graphite 2008. I took it off now for Winter but will repaint and put it back on when it gets warm again!
My baby!
Any recommendation for peacoat that isnt boxy but good fit or trimmed fit? Any price range
Looking for a nice Wool coat something in between a 3/4" and a bomber jacket with high collar like those motorcyle ones?
Sick cannot wait! At least i know what size i will be this time!
in to check this shiet up!
I'm fairly muscular guy so i can't really pull off slim fit levi's however the 514's slim straight are good for me. When I was in asia I tried the Slim straight fit and felt exactly like those ones so i bought few pairs of them so to me they seem more inline with 514's!
Wow good look man! Everything looks clean cut
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