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Selling a brand new Unused Tom Ford TF 5130 Black Frames Eye Glasses - Size 54 - 17 $ 150.00 + Shipping
I will have to agree with you on this , i dont see any other way he would get fired!
Damn I want to grab some stuff but no shipping to Canada
I like that jacket, what jacket is that?
Just picked it up! I love it!
Yea for the price it isnt worth it! lol
Nice car you gots! Yea mines actually Alufelgen CSL Rims , picked it up for a steal. Check out i'm always on there alot if you ever want to grab some rims from vendors! they offer pretty good deals!
I got my Jcrew Authentic Bayswater came in, chest shoulders fit fine! Sleeves are alittle long and length is decent . I bought it in to get it shortened 2" and shorten 1" on the sleeve so we'll see how it goes!
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