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still looking to swap toj0 black on black size 48 for the same in a size 50
got my toj0 today black on black size 48 and it's a size too small. please let me know if anyone has a size 50 that's too big/would like to swap. thanks.
Apologize for not seeing. I guess I will just wait on the cheaper spring iteration.
lol ain't even mad. jawns from almost two years ago didn't fit me, but that's ok. 710 isn't slimmest cut samurai offers though. just seen you in a couple threads telling people off for not knowing *insert information* but sorry pls do you
^lol why are you always so mad? chill out dude. plus 710s aren't even that slim...
does anyone know where i can still find cropped flight pants in size 48?
this was a great read
Haha ok understood. I've tried to wear the jacket in as much as possible, but it still looks relatively new
please tell me how to wear my clothes. no sarcasm. can i have real feedback? what should I do differently
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