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Looking for light grey trousers in 3 season wool and light grey flannel. 33-34" waist and at least 30" length. 10.5" rise max. I have some stuff to trade. PM me with details. Thanks!
Gleaming this thread for the past hour and to recap the excluded list of countries to not ship to are: Italy Brazil Russia Ukraine Greece Any others that I missed? Thanks!
Thanks guys for your help. This buyer is less than 20 feedback and I don't trust the system to send it first class. I doubt the person pays for the item so looks like I will try the second chance offer to the next highest bidder. I don't have to cancel the transaction before offering it to another buyer right? I plan to give the current high bidder two more days to pay before I take any kind of action.Thanks!
-Japan is an E-DELCON country- Can someone point me to a link on the USPS website showing a list of the countries please? The list I see doesn't have Japan on it. I'm not trying to start anything, but I would like my ducks in a row as I am contemplating opening up to international bidders. Total newb to the international scene. Thanks!
Thanks Tweets. Most appreciated!
Are you shipping International Express by chance? From what I can gather on the USPS website it is the only option that has insurance and tracking to Japan. Priority and First class don't have tracking. I think... I have a buyer who wants me to ship something first class international. Which I think is out of the question since I won't be covered.
I would be interested in something like this too.
Here you go..
I live in a state that does not have an AE presence. I don't pay any sales tax.
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