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They may hate each other personally but they must respect each other professionally. If they are both able to admit that they've fucked up their lives, they may be able to get along. Bonds can be formed that way.Somehow, though, I think that scenario would wrap things up too neatly for the writers.
Now that Don is (at least temporarily) unemployed, he could go to CA with Megan... and possibly start his own firm there under his true identity. Pete could join him. Two men who learned their lessons back east starting afresh in the promising future of CA.
Yet another episode reaffirming my hatred of every single character except Bert.
I guess I'm unusual, judging by this thread, in that I found myself bored with Milan after a day. I recommend hoping on a train to Venice. It's a simple 2 and a half or 3 hour trip, if I recall. If you don't mind traveling a little, and we're talking about a week, spend three days in Venice (enough time to get a good feel for it) and then perhaps two days at a place of your choice on Lake Como, and any remaining balance in Milan. In any case, I think you'd be hard...
It's not necessarily a lie; perhaps his father was very close to death and Benson felt as if he was going to lose him.
Where are you living right now?
here's a rare occurrence for a +1
This is an interesting thread and there's some useful data here, but it seems like it would be better if everyone included their starting location and the year in addition to starting salary.
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