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You buy your Valentine's Day cards at Walmart?
Vassar will take you.
^ great song
Yeah. They should be playing their fair share.
Lotto is a terrific investment strategy. Personally, I am well diversified into a weekly basket of Pick 5, Daily Numbers, and Instant Win! People tell me that I should be less aggressive and put my money into sensible index funds, but they are fools. Index funds don't outperform the benchmarks every Tuesday and Thursday. Lotto is where the alpha is.
"Justice For Cell Phones!" "If I had a snack, it would look like popcorn." But the truth is that any Mark Wahlberg movie would make me want to kill someone.
From reading the posts here, it seems like your firm needs to implement a process or a methodology for managing projects. I don't think you can select a tool until you've figured that out. What is the nature of the work you are trying to manage? Are these engineering projects or something else?
New Posts  All Forums: