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Obama slept while Ukrainians wept!
Oh sure, that's what they want you to think.
Perhaps I should have added "to the extent possible, reasonable, or desired by the people living there." The point, again, is that borders should be developed from within and not imposed externally.
No one says the new borders have to perfectly align with the ethnicities/religions/cultures/economies of the populations. Nationalism is possibly the stupidest political idea of the last 200 years.
I'm not saying it's easy or that I could do it (although half of my grandparents are from the Debrecen area) and that's precisely my point; I'm saying we should let the locals figure it out for themselves instead of trying to impose a border from afar. All borders are artificial anyway.
Given the religious and cultural tensions, why not let them divide the country in two? Czechoslovakia split itself for cultural and economic reasons and for the most part that worked out okay. I don't see any problem with undoing the unnatural borders established by imperial powers ~100 years ago. All these calls by the EU and others for "stability" are useless because they don't resolve the underlying problem, they just sweep it under the rug.
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