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Do you don't not believe that the market is not efficient?
Stock market impact of potential government shutdown?
Hydrox was the original!!
We are NOT discussing until PBS airs it. Don't even bother with spoiler tags.
Don't worry. This time, it's different.
Thanks, Cary Grant. Insightful.
The premiere is Jan 5 in the US... unless you're a dirty, stinking, filthy pirate. I really have no idea why, in this modern age of instant worldwide communication, there need be such a gap between the UK and US premiere.
Excellent choices! Since you're going to Nice, consider a half-day stop in Monte Carlo. If's like a 15 minute train ride away and totally worth it.Paris is a big city so you'd be wise to do a bit of planning in advance. Also, get the Paris Museum Pass (you can order it online in advance). You'll save hours of waiting in line and dollars too.!
whatever you say, it should be relevant to your context (location, time, surroundings, etc). it should be somewhat interesting or funny, and honest. and before doing anything, you should judge the likely response of the other person by observing their behavior, facial expression, body language, etc: don't disturb someone who doesn't want to be disturbed.
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