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Do we know anything about Don's educational background?
Sold her dignity? I have a feeling she's been with worse for less.
You got me thinking. Bert was to Roger as... Roger is to Don. There are a lot of parallels. I wonder if the conclusion is that Roger slides into the Bert personality and Don slides into the Roger personality. Sterling Cooper turns into Sterling Draper. Roger walks around in sock feet (hey, he's got the hippie experience now). Don has a few heart attacks.
This concept is an abomination unto the Lord. I demand moar episodes now!
While I haven't seen it, I've heard good things about Once, and the music is great.
computers back then were basically giant calculators for statistics
I wonder if this was a wake-up call for Roger. Maybe he finally realizes how badly he fucked up his daughter? Maybe in her absence he'll develop a relationship with his grandchild?I keep hoping that these characters eventually learn the error of their ways and turn things around... Guess I'm an optimist.
+1. I have no idea what is motivating the characters this season. In a lot of ways it feels very disconnected from the past.Edit: Pio beat me to it and said it far better than I did.
Anyone else ever get the theme song in their head randomly?
I don't understand why Don accepted that lousy offer and I don't understand why he wanted to work at the firm after everyone made it clear that he wasn't wanted. Is he that motivated by the paycheck? I don't get it.
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