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the mcat has been computer based for a while already. no paper involved
anyone know of any boutique ib in texas that want an intern for the summer? my bro is looking for one without any luck.
new law rankings came out today.
Thanks for everyone's opinions. Michigan and Chicago are both pass/fail unranked (from what I hear). Baylor is p/f ranked, and UTSW is only p/f for the 1st semester. I'm fine with the location for all the schools, except I like warm weather over cold (not a deal breaker though). I think all these schools will cost roughly the same for me (probably cheaper at Chicago and Mich). I have a scholarship to Chicago, good chance for one at Mich, none at UTSW or Baylor but Tx...
I'll be going to med school next year. Anyone know anything about Chicago, Michigan, UTSW, or Baylor? Still waiting to hear back from a few more in March.
there are actually quite a few lawyers who gave up their jobs and go to med school. not an easy road either, but the job security is nice
med school next year. wont have a real job until years later :/
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