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Thank you kind soul.
Your highness, suck my cock.
Just wondering, are Clarks DBs supposed to be made in Vietnam? It's written "Made in Vietnam" on the shoe tongue. Does that mean they're fake?
My waist size is 29. Never wore APC. I realize I have to downsize to 1 or 2. If I size down to 27, will I end up with really skinny jeans? I like a slim fit but not skinny jeans.
Do you mean guys his age shouldn't wear any suits?
Does anyone know where to find Dior Homme jeans on sale? Are there any websites that sell APC, Nudies and Dior at a cheaper price?
You have the defense mechanism of a 3 years old. I hope N&F starts making pacifiers.
Is it just me or is this a really ugly fit? Either they fit badly or they need some shortening. I hate it when the leg opening gets too wrinkled. Also, they look a bit baggy for a slim fit. Not to mention the shoes are horrendous. They make the jeans look ugly.
Hey guys, what kind of shoe would you recommend with sport shirt and slim jeans. I'm going to an upscale nightclub so I'm trying to accomplish a dressy, yet not too formal outfit. The shirt has black and dark grey stripes and the jeans are black, slim fit.
I remember seeing some nice green Trickers but I can't find them on their website. They only have two boot models at the moment. (both brown) What's up with that?
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