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Is consensus that center vent is the way to go? I'm going two button, ticket pocket, functional buttons on the sleeve, notch lapel, flat front pants.
I'm about ready to order my first. any reason I should have belt loops on a custom suit? Seems like the pants would look sleek without them.
I saw the iPad mini today. I love the size. It seems smoother than my iPad 2. If it would have had retina, I would have purchased one. I want to go from a wifi only 2 to an LTE new model. Do the mini and "4" have the same cameras? How does it compare to the iphone 5? Is the mini's processor an upgrade over the 2's?
Does Indochino also have an option to send them yiur best fitting suit and let them duplicate the measurements? I would do that in a second.
They should let the mini run iOS and the iPad run OSX
Does moderntailor have an indigo or chambray material I could have a dress shirt made with? Almost like a denim type material.
Is there a good online place to buy a purple label shirt at a decent deal?
I saw a denim looking dress shirt in GQ I would like to purchase. Not sure anywhere near me sell RL black label. Any sites you guys suggest for this shirt or another quality cheaper brand? If the forum doesn't permit you to post, please pm me. Thanks for any help
Agreed on this. Got a shirt yesterday, the buttons are much nicer.
Jamie Cullum O.A.R. Radiohead Old Barenaked Ladies Wife listens to country, so I tolerate/enjoy it on occasion.
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