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GT was the earlier model using a different leather if I'm not wrong. Chromexcel to be exact? The Beckman series uses the Featherstone leather.
I wear crystal beads bracelet together with my seiko diver watch. My bracelets are not just chosen for aesthetics reasons but also for crystal healing purposes. I've got a friend who helped me to choose them and each crystal got its specific characteristics thats beneficial for me.
you can try the Obenaufs leather oil if you want it to darken even more.
don't worry about it. i too have the same problem but it seems like its not a problem at all. And like what dgbx said, its hard leather, not wood at the sole.
Its a tricky qn for my case. My feet are measured 9.5. But during the time i bought my 9013, the store didnt have half-sizes so i went with the size 10. I can still put in a redwing insole for that and still as comfy like it was without insole. For the 875, i got 9.5 which what the shop assistant recommended. Hope this helps.
its small gestures like this that makes a company stands out from the rest
Loving my 9013. And recently just bought the 875. can't wait to break them in!
tried many different insoles but still prefer the original red wing insole for my GT. pardon the DBs and the shoe trees there.
just some pics of my DBs after a year..
sharing some pics of my 9013
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