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What is the difference between twill and anti-fit chinos?
Thank you!
Hey anyone purchase the reversible pull over this season? hows the fitting? What size do you guys recommend my height is 6 2 and my weight is 180.
Is Spring 2012 coming soon?! Excited.
I wear the same size as you, all my pants are 33 stay true to your size.
Can anyone help me? How's the sizing on the zip duffle jacket? I usually wear a size L on AA hoody, should I go with a XL or L?
Anyone know where I can a Large RRL Classic Trucker jacket in white?
Hmm interesting what you guys are saying, I just picked up the raw straight denim and went with my tts and it fits perfect on me. I guess it's just me. I actually like these denim more than the RRL denim
I wear a size 33 so far on the chino/bush pants, so should I stick with 33 on the denim? Thanks
The grey ones are fire!
New Posts  All Forums: