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new to rick owens... thinking about picking up my first pair of memphis anyone owns them.. hows the sizing on them? Stay true, go up or down? I'm a 31-32 waist.
whats the stock looking right now in SF for the suits? won't be able to make it until tuesday
@21st very nice denim, but can't decide if I want those or the all black ripped knee only
@KYeezy do you mind posting a fit pic, so we can get an idea before we buy? Is it faded or black raw?
Anyone been to the stores lately, did they receive the fall/winter 2014 collection yet?
I want the jeans, but what stopped me from making a purchase last year was that stupid no return or exchange policy online
Thanks for the help.
Thanks for the info! I really want the destroyed knee denim, I wonder if those will ever be restocked...
Is it true the destroyed denim restocked this week?
Mr. Porter sale noob question, if the item I ordered doesn't fit do I get full refund or store credit? Thanks
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