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so read them.


Please note that the Styleforum marketplace is meant for the use of private members only. Commercial Entities wishing to sell on Styleforum must contact us at styleforum.net@gmail.com 


Please note that links to outside sites are not allowed except for a single link, to the same, single item, on Ebay.  


RULES: Please make sure to read and familiarize yourself with the rules for the buying and selling forum to ensure that you have a good time. By using the Styleforum Classifieds, you agree to be bound by the current rules and to be subject to any penalties for breaking them. 


General guidelines:

1. Please be respectful of your fellow members.  Do not use profanity in these listings, and please do not sabotage any seller threads.  If you have serious concerns about a seller, please email us at styleforum.net@gmail.com.

2. We will not, as a policy, become involved in any disputes between sellers and buyers.  However, please note that your participation on the forum is a privilege, not a right, and that your privileges may be revoked if there are serious, legitimate complaints about you, and especially if there are complaints from multiple members.
1. General Listing rules
You may have a maximum of 15 listings, which would allow you to potentially have a listing in every category, and have an extra listing to boot.
You may list multiple items in a listing, as long as they are all from the same category (e.g., one listing with multiple different ties). However, grouping items in a listing is not mandatory. You may list each item separately if you wish, up to your limit of 15.
You may group green ties separately from red ties, or nice suits separately from ugly suits. You may tailor your listings as you see fit.  This is to enable sellers to use whatever marketing tools you feel are most effective for you.  
The same goes with pictures - you may use them as you wish.  Please note that if you do not use the image chooser, however, no preview picture will be visible with your listing.
We do ask that you do not list an item in more than one active listing at a time, with one exception: you may cross-list an item in both Men’s Clothing and Streetwear and Denim classifieds if you so choose. 
You may engage in discussions as you like.  Posts will not automatically “bump” a listing.  The default “bump” period is one every 7 days.  Bumps must be administered manually.  
There are very affordable “premium” seller memberships that allow you to bump more frequently, and have highlighted and bolded listings.  You may find descriptions of the options here.
Please refrain from any NSFW listings or pictures.  They will be deleted, and you may be fined or banned.  
New members must wait 15 days in order to be able to post.  This is to cut down on spam and to acclimatize sellers to Styleforum’s norms.  You may bypass this requirement by buying into a premium seller option.  

2.  Full descriptions of items should be provided in body of the listings.

3.  You may provide links to your other, active listings.  However, you will be expected to keep this current. Do note that if you only have a small number of listings, 5 of your active listings are posted in the sidebar. 

4.  You may post an item(s) with a link to its listing on Ebay or another auction site.  However, no general solicitations to browse Ebay stores or any external webstores is allowed as a listing in and of itself.  I.e., you can link to your webstore within a listing, but the listing cannot merely be links to “check out my latest listings in my Ebay webstore,” without item descriptions. 

5.  Please do not delete any information, including images or selling price, at any time, including when you close your thread.  Simply choose “close thread”.  If you have a multi-item listing, please merely put a highly visible “SOLD” beside the sold item. 

6.  Please state your terms clearly.  A set price must be listed for items.  You may be open to offers, but a set price must be listed regardless.  If you have a multi-item listing, there must be at least one item at the price listed.  
7. Please do not list any payment terms that are against the terms of service for any other website, or do anything that would make us have to phone our lawyer (because we will take down the listing, and you may be banned or fined.)  For example, please do not ask for “personal payments,” from Paypal.
8. The classifieds system is not intended for use by commercial entities. All companies must apply to styleforum.net@gmail.com to apply for affiliate membership.
1.  You are strongly encouraged to leave seller feedback.  Please leave respectful feedback.  Any feedback with profanity will be deleted.  If you are not the buyer of an item, do not leave feedback.  If you do so, you may be subject to serious penalties.
All users:
Please be sure to follow these simple rules, and please do not attempt to “game” the system in any way (i.e. use loopholes in the rules above to your unfair advantage.)  Please remember that use of this system is a privilege, and not a right.  Any abuse of the system may result in your privileges to use Styleforum to be revoked, and/or a fine of no less than $500 USD, and not more than say, $1trillion USD.
Please email any questions or concerns to styleforum.net@gmail.com
Enjoy the new, new system.


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