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Styleforum 101: A Menswear Primer

We hope that you will find valuable information and inspiration from this section of Styleforum. This Primer is intended to provide answers to some of our most common questions, one of which may be your reason for coming to this site.

Please understand that while all attempts have been made to represent the general opinions of Styleforum, there will always be dissenting opinions. The advice here will be aimed at putting you in the most unobjectionable attire possible, and giving you some idea of what different deviations signify.

Please enjoy all the great advice here and feel free to ask questions about any of this in our Men's Clothing or Streetwear and Denim Discussion Forums.

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Styleforum's Winter Getaway (Footwear)

Outerwear Footwear Pullovers Cardigans Jeans & Trousers Extras The Arno river in Florence in beautiful in the evening, and I’d recommend to bundle up, get out of the city center, and walk a stretch of it after dinner. A little known fact that everyone knows – boots, not shoes, used to be the norm for dress occasions. I think that boots have a much more elegant profile than shoes, especially if you are wearing the very popular no-rise pants. These Alfred Sargent Exclusive “Hannovers” (£360) are heavy and textured enough to hold their own against jeans, and... read more

Styleforum › Primers