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Styleforum 101: A Menswear Primer

We hope that you will find valuable information and inspiration from this section of Styleforum. This Primer is intended to provide answers to some of our most common questions, one of which may be your reason for coming to this site.

Please understand that while all attempts have been made to represent the general opinions of Styleforum, there will always be dissenting opinions. The advice here will be aimed at putting you in the most unobjectionable attire possible, and giving you some idea of what different deviations signify.

Please enjoy all the great advice here and feel free to ask questions about any of this in our Men's Clothing or Streetwear and Denim Discussion Forums.

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13 primer submissions by the Styleforum community.

How Should I Start My Business Wardrobe?

  So, you’re starting a new job and don’t want to go to work naked. This discussion will be aimed at getting you into something professional, attractive and appropriate. This is not a piece on how to be “the best dressed guy in the office.” Rather, this will help you “look nice” for work every day, whatever that means in the context of your office environment. Look around you and see if coworkers wear it without eliciting disapproval.   Business Casual The Suit Dress Shirts Ties Footwear       There are... read more

What Kind of Suit Should I Buy?

        Wondering about suits and how to fit them? You've come to the right place. First, what is a suit? A suit comprises a jacket and pants in the same fabric. Do not buy a jacket or pants separately and then go looking for a matching piece whose fabric is just “close enough”. A suit is bought as two (or three) pieces together, in exactly the same fabric. That settled, how to decide between the myriad suits available? There are four basic areas in which to assess a suit – fabric, construction, fit, and styling. You should consider all these aspects of a suit... read more

How Do I Look Cool?

        Under this heading fall all questions about building non-professional wardrobes, what to wear for a night out clubbing, etc. A group of people on the internet can’t answer this question for you. We can give you ideas, but the specifics will depend on your social environments, your body type, complexion, and personality.   Instead of starting a thread asking, “I’m this tall and this fat/skinny, this is my station in life, tell me what to wear,” start by browsing through the pages of pictures and discussion in these threads:   What are You... read more

What Should I Wear To A Job Interview?

  "What Should I Wear To A Job Interview?" is one of the most common questions we get here at You should wear a suit and tie. This is absolutely never wrong for an interview once you have graduated from high school. It may be that your interviewer is not expecting you to be so “dressed up”, but nevertheless it is not a mistake for you to look your best. That means wearing a conservative but sharp outfit that adds to your appearance without competing with you for attention.   Basic, Uncontroversial Outfit Common Errors to... read more

What Should I Ask My Groomsmen to Wear?

  Your goals in choosing wedding attire should be to be comfortable, look wonderful, and continue to look wonderful in the pictures twenty and thirty years from now. Do not choose something because you think it looks cute or trendy or fashionable. Remember that you’ll be looking at these pictures for a long time, long after you realized that your coral-colored socks or teal bowtie weren’t as rad as you thought at the time.   Groomsmen Encouraged Options Shoes Ties       Do not subject your progeny to this... read more

What Tuxedo Do I Need For A Black Tie Event?

Styleforum's Winter Getaway (Jeans & Trousers)

Outerwear Footwear Pullovers Cardigans Jeans & Trousers Extras My father always told me to pack extra pants. I’m not sure why, but it’s not a bad rule of thumb. Rich textures and colors aren’t just for shirts and sweaters, they can extend to the pants as well (Epaulet trousers, $235). Simply packing a pair of jeans and another pair of non-denim trousers that will get you into those pesky restaurants (yes, I’m being facetious) will suffice. Nudie used to be a favorite on Styleforum – the Slim Jim Organic Brown Indigo was the original “slim” model, but it seems... read more

Styleforum's Winter Getaway (Footwear)

Outerwear Footwear Pullovers Cardigans Jeans & Trousers Extras The Arno river in Florence in beautiful in the evening, and I’d recommend to bundle up, get out of the city center, and walk a stretch of it after dinner. A little known fact that everyone knows – boots, not shoes, used to be the norm for dress occasions. I think that boots have a much more elegant profile than shoes, especially if you are wearing the very popular no-rise pants. These Alfred Sargent Exclusive “Hannovers” (£360) are heavy and textured enough to hold their own against jeans, and... read more


It's simple, if you don't own a suit, don't buy a pocket square. A pocket square is like a bow tie, only to be worn on preferred occasions. But just because you've finally found a pocket square you like, don't forget about the rest of your outfit. The right outfit can make even a plain white pocket square look like you were sent from the archives of Esquire & GQ combined. Here are a couple of our favorite how-to's:     1) The Three Point Peak           2) The Cagney           3) The One Point Fold           4) The... read more

Styleforum's Winter Getaway (Outerwear)

Outerwear Footwear Pullovers Cardigans Jeans & Trousers Extras I love winter. There are those who flee to warm places, and there are others who follow the ski season. I have never been one for beaches, and I’m no good on a snowboard. My friend told me, “It’s like riding a skateboard,” but then I nearly broke my hip. At 38-years old, that would not be a good look. Instead, I like Europe, and particularly Tuscany, in winter. It’s not bracingly cold – and growing up in Canada, I’ve had enough bracingly cold winters – nor is it some tropical resort to which I... read more

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