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What shade of grey should my wedding suit be?

Q. Should I ask my groomsmen to dress in varying shades of grey/charcoal? or keep them similar?   A. By @unbelragazzo:   It kind of depends on the setting. Lighter grays are less formal, and less suitable to evening. If you have a more formal or an evening wedding, keep 'em all dark. If not, some can be lighter.         Have a question about your wedding? Ask it here.   New to Styleforum and want to get more informative articles, style tips, fashion news, and exclusive deals? Sign up for the newsletter.   For a daily dose of Style (forum), follow us... read more

Do pleated shirts work with three piece tuxedos?

How do I have a black tie optional wedding?

Should I wear a Tuxedo if my Groomsmen are wearing navy business suits?

Q.  It's a really bad idea to wear a tux for my wedding and have my groomsmen in navy suits, right?   A1. By @MrDaniels:   I would say that would be rather incongruous.   A2. By @VanVeen:   I've seen pictures of it with charcoal suits. It looks weird to me. Most people probably wouldn't notice or care, but it's wrong.   A3. By @Leaves:   I dunno what the etiquette is in the US, but dressing "above" your guests is considered inappropriate in most parts of Europe. I would guess the same goes over there in North America. If you know a lot of your friends will... read more

What does a "formal" wedding dress code mean?

Should my groomsmen wear black suits?

Where should the points on my shirt collar lie in relation to my jacket lapels?

Where can I buy an affordable suit for my wedding?

Why the Four-in-hand is always better than the windsor knot

What shirt should I wear with a single button peak lapel dinner jacket?

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