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The Basics of Wedding Attire for Men

American Weddings In America the most common form of dress for a groom is either a lounge suit or a tuxedo. The Tux The Jacket If you decide to get married in a tuxedo, the most flattering and traditional choice is to select a 1 button jacket with a peak lapel. The facings (lapels) should be in silk, but in most cases satin will also be suitable. Tuxes can come in 2, 3 or even 4 button form, but on the whole they look far too much like suits. The same can be said about notch-lapels; if you are going to wear a tux, then do it right. Peak lapels are the ones that point... read more

The Definitive FAQ and/or Wiki on Alden Footwear

Primer: Refinishing a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes using Fiebings oil dye

What should I have in a shoe care kit?

Are APCs a good starter pair of raw denim jeans?

A primer on shoe creams conditioners, and waxes

How to fix a scratch in Allen Edmond Park Avenue Shoes

Primer: How to mirror shine your shoes.

What are the causes of leather cracking? Opinion and Rebuttal

Styleforum › Instructionals