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Should I dryclean my jeans, and if not, how should I wash them

Question (posted by name redacted due to extreme embarassment): Should I dryclean my jeans, and if not, how should I wash them?   Answer (posted here by @LA Guy, administrator, denim wearer and washer, recovering engineering chemist):  I feel that it's overkill to dryclean your jeans, but if you are very concerned about keeping them from losing more indigo dye then they already have, them by all means, go ahead.  Indigo is a surface dye, afixed to the surface of the warp yarns by use of a reducing agent, and will wear away with abrasion.   That said, I've found that... read more

Ron Rider's comprehensive Shoe Care Guide

Allen Edmonds fit & sizing help

  • by Neo1

Lots of people have asked questions related to sizing, fit, etc. so I thought it might be helpful to compile the info I've gathered based on personal experience.  People can feel free to add to this.   Last This narrows things down a lot - won't absolutely determine whether something will work or not, but it's one of the most important factors.  I take the same size in all the lasts for the majority.  Breaking them down a little bit -   Welts   65 - the last I love to hate.  Contrary to the description, I don't feel like it is either the longest or the narrowest. ... read more

What tie is appropriate to wear as a wedding guest?

Allen Edmonds: Sizing Guide

Should I wash my jeans inside out? Common denim questions.

Alden Shoes Sizing Guide: 379X Last

  • by JSO1

Alden's 379X last is also known as the "military" last and is often used for the Japanese and European markets.  It has a fairly rounded shape, and is clearly designed with orthopedics in mind. 379X offers excellent toe room - comparable with the Modified last. 379X has a narrow heel and is also narrow through the waist of the shoe. The instep and vamp of the 379X last are fairly low, but the last overall has enough volume that the general guidance is to size down by 1/2 in length unless you have a high instep, in which case it should be taken true to... read more

Is there any advantage in soaking sanforized denim? Common denim questions

Alden Shoes Sizing Guide: Hampton Last

Alden Shoes Sizing Guide: Leydon Last

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