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Rules for B&S forum: Please make sure to read and familiarize yourself with the rules for the buying and selling forum to ensure that you have a good time.   Please note that there is a 45 day waiting period after registration to use the forum, but that you can bypass this temporarily by buying a premium membership (see FAQ).   General guidelines: Please be respectful of your fellow members.  Do not use profanity on in these listings, and please do not sabotage any seller threads.  If you have serious concerns about a seller, please email us at... read more

Why Flight Jackets Make the Best Autumn Outerwear

What is Styleforum Wearing: 10.9.12

  Member: Albert Hal Original WAYWRN post here.   This Totally Looks Like...   If Alfred Pennyworth had a dapper, younger brother who earned his money from an inheritance, henceforth he spent all his time testing out the best corner tables in every English pub and coffeehouse. And Gary Oldman has him on speed dial for advice on vintage eyewear.       Albert Hal Says:   "Almost the whole outfit is vintage. I think it´s much more fun to drop into a second hand shop and see what I can find. It’s like digging gold, sometimes you find a nugget. The... read more

An Interview with G. Bruce Boyer

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