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Look nice, Dammit: Why you should care - and why you should try to look your best at every wedding.

Tokyo Diaries, Day 4: Epic Tokyo Photo Dump - Clothes, Cocktails, and More

Excellent photos by Alex Scharf:     Worse photos by Jasper Lipton: Shibuya at night. 15 year-old me is screaming UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF LOVE   read more

Tokyo Diaries, Day 3: The StyFoJapan Meetup!

I think we did well on food today. Our first stop this morning/brunchtime was a Japanese restaurant in...Jiyugaoka? It was phenomenally good, and Alex got a kick out of the fact that I don't fit in/on/around any of the tables. I haven't been able to sit cross-legged since I was maybe 6 years old, and I definitely can't fit my legs UNDER the tables, since they're all of about 9 inches off the ground. So...breakfast and a show! Then it was time for dessert, so we went to a teahouse. Matcha with milk and a chestnut sweet from Kyushu was the choice of the day -... read more

Tokyo Diaries, Day 2: Quick Photo Dump!

the synthese special, as worn by @therosenrot Big John denim - jeans from 1973, a selection of "vault" denim, and construction of the "Rare" line - a big thanks to Greg at No Man Walks Alone for the introduction! Expect more on Big John in the near future. SQUAD Aoyama flower cafe - Ispahan tea and Rose Jelly (Randolph Engineering Sunglasses and Machine Era Co minimal aluminum wallet courtesy of www.Huckberry.com) read more

Tokyo Diaries, Day 1: It Begins! Ring Jacket, Petrosolaum, and Jun Hashimoto

@nicelynice and I had what I'd happily call a great day today, and I imagine I should share some of the photos we took. We'll cover more of this later in dedicated articles, but this should give you a taste of what to expect.   First thing we did was head to Cafeé Kitsuneé, which is indeed affiliated with the clothing store, to grab a drink. Alex was fresh off an overnight train, so his presence - not to mention ability to act as a translator - was pretty damn impressive. Anyway, after some caffeine, we walked the five minutes to Ring Jacket for an interview and some... read more

Tokyo Diaries, Day 5: We Dye Stuff Blue

One of the StyFoJapan "appointments" I was most excited about was our plan to go dye some stuff blue. And not just any blue - no, Alex and his wife arranged a visit to a traditional dye-house, where we were able to dip our stuff in the purest of the pure - 100% natural indigo dye, harvested in the north, fermented in what is technically still Tokyo. Tokyo, I say, although it took us an hour and a half in a rental car, Alex behind the wheel, to get to the part of "Tokyo" that is home to the dye house.We started early this morning and met at Alex's apartment, where he and... read more

Tokyo Diaries, Day 6: Junky Special, Momotaro, and Julius

TOKYO DIARY DAY 6 Words by Jasper Lipton Pictures by Alex Scharf The day started with a trip to Junky Special. What is Junky Special? Junky Special is a great place to buy Buzz Rickson's, Sugar Cane, Mister Freedom, and awesome Hawaiian shirts. It's in Shinjuku, directly beneath the train tracks. It's also the funnest store I've been in so far. Old-timey radio from Hilo, Hawaii, is playing in the background, surfing movies are playing on the wall, and the store is packed full of color, clothing, and racks and racks of denim. The slub is real. I tried on the Gibson... read more

Tokyo Diaries, Day 7: This Is The End

Tokyo Diaries, Day 7: This is the End Words: Jasper Lipton Pictures: Alex Scharf Our last day. Mine, I guess, since Alex lives here and @spacepope's wanderings will continue a while longer. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous, but my visit ended on such a high note that I'd surely be tempting fate to stay. We had some plans - not many - and outside of those, we resolved to just plain old have a good time. That good time started at six A.M., which felt earlier due to the two bottles of sake Jack and I consumed the night before while watching Gurren Lagann and... read more

The #StyFoJapan EDC

    I’m not really an “EDC” guy. But, while talking to Huckberry about this trip, I realized that “not being an EDC guy” doesn’t mean that there isn’t stuff I carry every day. I’ve just never thought about it. The interesting part (to me) is that what I carry every day while I travel is a little different than what I carry around when I’m bumming it at home. So I thought I’d give a quick rundown of what I’m packing with me - and, because I wonder it all the time, what I actually use the stuff for. It’s particularly strange to make a list, because I usually think of... read more

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