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by Jefferyd (Jeffery Diduch) A few years ago I wrote a post about canvas suit construction which some of you may remember. As a continuation of the featured articles on Style Forum I thought I would update and condense some of the information to reflect current trends in manufacturing, and also to bring the information to newer members who may not have seen it. The illustrations below show where fusible, if any, is applied for the different techniques, as well as where and how canvas is used. In-depth exploration of the various layers hidden beneath the chest felt... read more


Words and Illustrations by Jeffery Diduch Editor's note: Styleforum is working to deliver to you informative, focused threads on the topics you want to read about. Some of the forum's established members and industry-recognized experts on tailoring and men's clothing will be developing and posting original, helpful, authoritative content in an organized way so it can be found easily by old and new members alike. Here on the forum we have the ability to access in-depth knowledge on men's clothing subjects, and the space to write about it and discuss it in a way that... read more

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