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Men’s Jewellery Trends 2014/15

According to The New York Times, jewellery for men is back. The modern man wears more than just a watch and this year, it’s all about bracelets and wristwear or “mewellery” and “mangles” as GQ Magazine calls them (feel free to cringe now). Despite the terrifying and completely unnecessary portmanteaus of words, GQ and NY Times are both correct in their reports. In 2014/15, men’s accessories are making a seriously bold comeback and here we look at some of the most noteworthy trends of the year.   Multiple Bracelets So it’s basically anything goes when it comes to the... read more

Watch and Jewellery Trends: Black on Black Watches

Blue on blue happened last year; it was superb show of colour. Bremont’s U-2 Blue chronometer was the star of the show in Las Vegas’ JCK and the Frédérique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture was simply too elegant for words. But very few hues get the same gravity as black. For 2014, black really is the new black and the trend is set to transpire in a blaze of glory come 2015.   Black on black timepieces have already been emerging on the market since Baselworld 2014, so there’s no denying that this colour trend has an intransience in the watch industry. Perhaps... read more

Trend Forecasting 2015: Men’s Accessories

As October looms, clever consumers will already be looking ahead to SS15. Retailers will have placed their forward orders and fashion mags will already be leaking sneak peeks into what trends will be around the corner as the cold season melts away. Here’s a look at some forecasted trends for men’s accessories in Spring/Summer 2015.   Flatforms and Jelly Shoes   Before you scratch your head in amazement, you’re right in thinking that flatforms and jellies were hot female trends for the whole of 2013 and 2014. However, it seems the hype is contagious as Hunter Gather... read more

Patek Philippe 175th Anniversary

This year saw the 175th anniversary of Genevan watch brand, Patek Philippe, and in an early celebration of the brand’s truly significant birthday, 2014 Baselworld earlier this year was stylishly ornamented with the Patek Philippe’s brand new stand design which was coined as the “Pavilion of Light”. A large and energising rotunda, the Baselworld stand lit up the arena, and it was here that the team from Patek Philippe unveiled this year’s key timepieces.   For non-trade and non-press members, the brand celebrated its 175th year in the industry with its customers by... read more

Office Casual - The Death of the Neck Tie?

It wasn't so long ago that working in an office environment meant an automatic white shirt and necktie. White Collar industries were so named for a very valid reason, and to be taken seriously in the business world, a shirt and tie (if not a full suit) were a must. With success being synonymous with a crisp cotton shirt and a silk knot around your neck, ties went through the usual rigmaroles of fashion - ranging from the skinny ties of the 50's to the 70's fishtail.   Then came office casual. The trendy Google-esque businesses of the 21th century prefer to let their... read more

Best Website For The Movies?

In the compass of any unique time, city of Silverton is really attacked by a amazing strike of tornadoes. The full city is really weak in front of the infrequent furthermore dangerous twisters, even while surprise trackers anticipate a stand apart amongst the most observably dreadful is really in fact forward. Most men and some women search out sanctuary, while others processor away at the vortex, assessments to what level a lue-sky chaser effort for that novel image. Resolved to with the little tan sight furthermore redeveloped contacts of expert electrical surprise... read more

The Tyre-Kicker's Diary: Watch Boutiques of Dubai Mall

  • by mimo

This article was originally a series of hastily-composed posts in "The Watch Appreciation Thread", in August 2013.  My apologies, then, for any curse words, in-jokes, references to specific members' tastes, and typos!  I am very much a non-expert in this field, but I'd like to think that is rather the point: this is me, Joe ordinary, discovering things I like and don't, while I had the opportunity to see an unusually broad selection under one roof.  All comments are appreciated, and I hope you find something to enjoy. The Tyre-Kicker's Diary Dear Friends, As I mentioned... read more

Choosing Men's Designer Suits

Although not all men enjoy dressing to the nines on a day-to-day basis, it’s important that every man has at least one suit in his wardrobe for important occasions. But like one man’s affinity may be for jazz and another man’s for classic rock, every man is drawn to a particular style of suit.   The options for different suit styles available are extensive, along with the many completely customizable tailoring options offered at suit stores. Depending on your body’s shape and what you find appealing will determine what kind of suit you choose. Here are some common suit... read more

San Francisco Shopping Map

  • by j

View San Francisco Shopping Map in a larger map   Store Hours                                   Style Products Brands Womens? AB Fits 1519 Grant Ave San Francisco,CA 94113 (415) 982-5726 abfits.com Tue-Sat 11:30 am - 6:30 pm Sun 12 pm - 6 pm Contemporary Jeans Rogan, Gant, Sunny Sports, SNS Herning, Rising Sun, Kicking Mule, Saint James, Taylor Supply Yes Acrimony 333 Hayes Street San... read more

Styleforum Product Reviewer Questionnaire and FAQs

Become a Styleforum Product Reviewer Today!   The Styleforum Product Reviewer Program is designed to get feedback from our members to help business owners and brands learn what we like and dislike about their products and services.    Being a Styleforum Product Reviewer is a great way to: Get new products to try out Have your voice heard and have a positive impact on the way products are created and marketed Get special offers that are exclusive to the Styleforum Product Reviewer Meet other Styleforum men who are as passionate as you... read more

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