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What is Styleforum Wearing: 9.18.12



Member: Stilig


This Totally Looks Like...


If George Clooney had a son and that son was studying international affairs in Sicily while having an affair with Marion Cotillard, this would be his standard fit. And yes, Woody Allen would want him as an extra in his next movie.




Stilig Says:


"I have a picture from an old Loro Piana lookbook on my computer showing a blue double breasted jacket paired with a pair of white trousers. That picture has become a strong influence and inspiration for me of Italian style. As a 22 year old, there's a fine line between dressing fashionably in a jacket and looking like a young man in an old man's clothes. I think the tapered fit and short trousers help add a bit of youthfulness." 




Brand breakdown:


Jacket: Oscar Jacobson

Tie: AD56

Shirt: Savini

Pochette: Morris Heritage

Trousers: Morris

Shoes: Pari MTO







15i81tf.jpgMember: clarinetplayer


This Totally Looks Like...


If you were waiting in line at Starbucks during rush hour and you were ready to roundhouse kick the next person who bumped into you in the face, but then this guy cuts you in line and orders a Venti black coffee without taking his hand out of his pocket. You're not even mad.  




clarinetplayer Says:


"With a solid neutral color, one can push the boundary with this shirt. It was a short run when it came out, which appealed to me, but the problem was what to wear with it. For me, this shirt works only with a solid pastel tie. In this case, I choose pink - or, is it "rose"? Regardless, since summer is nearly over, I wanted to wear it one more time before autumn." 




Brand breakdown:


Suit: MTM from Paul Cicchini Custom Clothier

Shirt: Taylor Stitch

Tie: Brooks Brothers

Silk knots: Brooks Brothers

Pocket square: Brooks Brothers







15i81tf.jpgMember: SpooPoker


This Totally Looks Like...


If you were a groomsman at a wedding and felt confident that you were going to score with a bridesmaid, but then this guy shows up and he offers his Gucci handkerchief to any crying female. For the rest of the night all the girls take turns wearing his tie on the dance floor.  




SpooPoker Says:


"I don't really have a style icon, I draw my inspiration from nature and art. This morning I was outside on my deck drinking a cup of coffee on a cloudy day, looked up and saw my giant tree sticking up in the sky and said, 'today is green and grey.'" 




Brand Breakdown:


Shirt: Borrelli

Tie: Marinella

Handkerchief: Gucci








15i81tf.jpgMember: Threadbearer


This Totally Looks Like...


If you had a fashion savvy boss who calls you in for a one-on-one and offers you a hundred year old Scotch on the rocks fermented from his home basement cellar, no big deal. And yes, he totally has ice stocked in his glass walled, penthouse office suite. You don't ever want a raise.




Threadbearer Says:


"I'm over 50 and want to project an image of classic style rather than trendy fashion-consciousness, and this suit bridges that gap for me. I like pairing greens and browns, and this tie is a bluish green with a thin white stripe, which echoes the pocket square's colors. Personally, I think the shoes are too chunky for this suit, but my pals on the Forum have given their nod of approval." 




Where to buy:


Suit: Brooks Brothers Milano


Tie: Drakes of London

Pocket Square: Kent Wang

Shoes: Allen Edmonds Strands







Comments (11)

lovin Stilig's shoes (I couldn't pull off those pants) and Clarinetplayer's whole look, especially the shirt/tie. nice stuff
The This Totally Looks Like... commentary is awesome.
Great idea - keep these coming.
SpooPoker's tie is killer.
This is a cool idea. Indeed, keep these comin'
MOAR of this please!
Excellent highlights. Hope we see regular updates.
I feel like I've just been featured in the J. Peterman catalog, but in a good way.
Wow, that's a spot on description. Gothenburg is almost exactly Sicily, except for the rain. And the cold. And the snow.

If you do like my outfit, there's plenty more where that came from on my tumblr:
Starbucks, eh? Not even mad? Treat is on me.
Stilig wrote: "Gothenburg is almost exactly Sicily, except for the rain. And the cold. And the snow."

Sounds like Michigan!
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