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It's simple, if you don't own a suit, don't buy a pocket square. A pocket square is like a bow tie, only to be worn on preferred occasions. But just because you've finally found a pocket square you like, don't forget about the rest of your outfit. The right outfit can make even a plain white pocket square look like you were sent from the archives of Esquire & GQ combined. Here are a couple of our favorite how-to's:



1) The Three Point Peak






2) The Cagney






3) The One Point Fold






4) The Astaire






5) The Winged Puff





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I must admit, with a casual suit (the only kind I own) I'm partial to the "JSC," where you start off with a puff, fold three corners up leaving one down, twist everything up slightly, and then say, "just screw it," and stuff the pocket square in so only the corners remain. Sprezzatura all the way!
Also very helpful are
Manton's Squarefail thread for tips on how to avoid common mistakes and
Pocketsquareguy's picture-heavy discussion thread.
Are there certain occasions where you should have a pocket square and others where you shouldn't?
I think its all about the occasion. There is a pocket square for every occasion. Wrote a post on it sometime this year - Check it out
Styleforum › Primers › how-do-i-pull-off-a-pocket-square